home remodeling


It is wonderful to consider your yard and outdoor space as part of your renovation process. All too often, we get caught up with pressing interior renos as home buyers. By paying some attention to the attributes your yard naturally has, combined with your family’s needs and interests, it is possible to create a wonderful outdoor entertaining space for your custom home.

Increasing your square footage by adding a sizable deck is a great way to have more space when company comes and sunny weather beckons. If you are building a deck, consider having a portion of it covered so that you can enjoy it year round. Not having to shovel snow will keep things drier, cleaner and equate to less maintenance for you.

The coveted backyard pool

There is nothing quite like spending your summer days lounging on a float and sipping a cool drink in the comfort of your own pool. Avoiding the bustling crowds will keep you appreciating your pool for years to come. Consider installing a hot tub to really round out your backyard oasis. Having your own personal Jacuzzi for hydrotherapy is a great addition to any outdoor pool space. Having both features will help you enjoy your backyard regardless of the temperature.

Outdoor kitchen

Many people enjoy using a BBQ area or outdoor kitchen for their food preparation. This is especially helpful in places with warmer climates. Keeping all of the cooking heat outside of the home is especially ideal in the warmer seasons when you’re already forced to run the air conditioning to keep the house comfortable.

Determining the style and amenities you want for your outdoor space will help you focus on the design aspects. If you’re drawn to luxury, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and a free-standing bar set up will give you the aesthetics you seek. On the other hand, if rustic country is more your style, it might be fun to consider incorporating a brick pizza oven and a roasting pit.

Pond oasis

Installing a water feature can really transform your outdoor living space. It can be a circulating fish pond with a pump or a trickling waterfall. Either way, running water is one of the best ways to attract wildlife to your yard. Birds, butterflies, frogs, squirrels, hummingbirds, dragonflies, bees, deer and a host of other critters will visit regularly to enjoy fresh water. Many birds and animals are attracted to the sound of running or dripping water. They recognize it as a place to refresh themselves. If you love nature, this is definitely something for you to consider.

Plus, the relaxing atmosphere of an outdoor water feature can be enjoyable 24 hours a day. Consider installing some LED lighting and fountain features. The soothing sounds will be calming when you are sitting on your deck or sleeping with your bedroom windows open.

Stone fireplace

Having a warm and cozy section of the grounds for everyone to gather around will be an awesome addition to any backyard. It’s an opportunity to create some new family traditions: turn the TV off and look at the stars together after dinner, drink hot chocolate while you burn the remnants of your Christmas tree, trade in the BBQ and prepare delicious and nutritious meals over an open fire. It’s all possible with a beautiful stone fireplace.

The bottom line is to have fun with expanding your outdoor living space. By taking your family’s needs and preferences into account, you can add value and character to your custom home and property.