home remodeling


Having the opportunity to custom design your master bathroom from the ground up is a situation that millions of people only get to dream about. However, if you make the decision to work with a custom home builder to create your perfect house, that’s exactly what you’ll get to do. When you are ready to design your ideal master bathroom, be sure to take the time to look at all of the elements that will be important for you to incorporate. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.


Your bathroom is your private sanctuary where you get ready to conquer the day or unwind and relax when it’s over. Being able to determine which key factors will streamline your processes can save you hours of time over the course of a year. Popular customizations include:

  • Dual sinks, having a his-and-hers sink area can keep things organized and fresh. If you do not have to mill about your partner’s health and beauty items while in desperate search of your own, think of all the time you would save.
  • Steam shower
  • Jetted bathtub
  • Vanity/dressing table, offers great storage for jewelry, perfumes, makeup and hair accessories.
  • Built in laundry hamper, when the layout of your home allows, this is a cool feature for delivering your dirty clothes directly to the laundry room.


Consider a well-planned and placed medicine cabinet or possibly a his-and-hers matching version. Knowing where your eye drops, dental floss, razor, contact solution and mouthwash is at all times can shave minutes off of your morning and bedtime routine. Being organized is key.

Towels, face cloths and hand towels all need a home. As do extra toilet paper rolls, shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products. Having inadequate storage in your bathroom design can end up leaving you with a cluttered and disorganized space. Not the way you ideally want to start and end each day.


Being able to decide where to install your own lighting fixtures can give you a huge advantage with your bathroom design. Maximizing your lighting options can help you create a wonderful atmosphere. Dimmer switches are easy to install and can help you achieve a spa-like feeling. Have the master bathroom of your dreams to relish getting ready in every day.

Luxurious finishes

What could possibly feel better on a brisk morning than radiant heated flooring and heated towel racks? Give yourself the luxury of some added warmth by taking these features into account ahead of time. They are much easier to install during the initial phase of construction. Typically, this is one of the smaller rooms in the house. Have some fun experimenting with different textures and material when designing your walk-in shower or tub surround and flooring finishes.

Turkish steam bath

If a wet sauna is an atmosphere you enjoy indulging in, consider installing one at your home. Have a multi-head shower and steam option to help you open up your pores and detoxify your system regularly.


Popular in most European homes and hotels, bidets are not as common in North America. These personal fountains are either loved or hated.

Jacuzzi tub

Having a jet tub to relax in every time you take a bubble bath can really add additional elements to your overall bathing experience. The jets are famous for working out knots between your shoulders and at the bottoms of your feet.

Vanity/dressing table

Incorporating a space that is where you spend time after the shower and either before or immediately after getting dressed makes sense. Having an organized spot to condition your skin, apply your peppermint foot lotion and pluck your eyebrows can be priceless. A place to comb out your hair after a long night (like is often portrayed in the movies) and a place to keep your personal toiletries and jewelry items will prove extremely useful.